HIPP VISUAL MINISTRIES - 'Happy New Year,' my brothers - ALTAMONT, TN
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Now to him who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to the power at work within us,
The Spirit of truth has come, and he will guide you into all things. John 16:13-15.
Do not be troubled about anything. 'Martha was troubled about many things, but Mary chose the one thing (SERVING JESUS).'
Mark 11:11, 15-17. Jesus said nothing or did nothing until he heard from God the Father both what He said, and what He saw the Father do.

Brothers, don't say anything until you hear what God's Holy Spirit say's to you. Don't do anything until you hear what His Holy Spirit tells you to do. 

Listen for God's wisdom just as Jesus did as a man when he was on this earth. 

We are to do as Jesus did, and walk as Jesus walked. He told us that He could do nothing that the Father did not tell him to do, and neither should we.
Don't struggle with anything. God has a plan. So just wait on God's wisdom about what you are facing. He will reveal the solution unto you. 

Patiently wait to hear his Word for you.
Joy - takes patience and faith. Brothers, we are to hold patience in high regard. Allow patience to have it's perfect work in you.

Great faith always accompanies great patience! Romans 8:22-
Faith is choosing to believe. 

Patience is continuing to believe. 

Brothers, we grow in patience by continuing in our faith.

Patience is the refusal to quit believing.

We grow in our faith by hearing, reading, and repeating God's Holy Word into our lives!
Rest in the Lord - Both patience, and faith is resting in the Lord, and in the truth of God's Word.
Continue to walk in your faith. 

Don't quit or draw back. 

You will come out on the other side PERFECT, COMPLETE, and LACKING NOTHING!
Patience is living unresponsive to pressure.
Pressure comes from satin who is trying to get your sight off of God. 

Pressure is sin. 

If you are feeling pressure to do or say anything it is not of God.
Have a very Happy New Year, and pray each day for God to show you what He would have you do or say.
God Bless you my brothers,
John Hipp

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