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Do you see that you had to take your salvation. God graced you with his forgiveness of your sins. But, you had to take it by faith. You took it by your faith in God's Holy Word, which tells you that Jesus died for your sins. You are saved. There is no doubt in your heart that when you die you will be with Him in Heaven. No one can tell you that you are not saved. As you mature in Gods word you grow stronger and stronger in your knowledge of the truth of His word. Salvation is yours, and you walk in it every day knowing that you are saved.

     God's Word is true, He can not lie. He said that we who are His children are healed and that we walk in newness of life. Every morning when we rise, our life, our body is made new. He told us this and we know that His word is true. No one could tell you that the Bible is a lie. That what is written in it is a lie. No one could convince you of that. So why when you believe that you are saved would you not also believe that you are healed. God's Holy Word says that you are. Why would you allow the world to tell you a lie. Why would you receive that lie. Will you let the devil and this world rob you of God's promises that he gave to you. No you will not! You will not believe a lie. For you know that God's Word is Truth. He spoke it for you and it is yours. Until your healing is ingrained in your heart like your salvation is, speak His word on your healing over and over every day until you have taken it. Then walk in it knowing that just as surely as you are saved you are also healed. Keep it always in your heart. 

     What does the Bible say about the devil? It says that the devil is a liar and that the truth is not in him. Just as God can not lie. The devil can not tell the truth. God's Holy Word tells us that the devil came to still, kill, and destroy, and he will use your family, your friends, and yes even your brothers in Christ to still your healing from you. If those people around you are not walking in the TRUTH OF GOD'S WORD then the devil will use them to speak death and sickness into not only their life, but your life as well, if you allow them to. Imagine for a moment that you were told that you had cancer and that you would grow weaker and weaker until you did not have enough energy to go outside of your house. Then imagine a friend came by to see you. This friend says to you, 'I see that you are still not able to leave the house'. How you answer this friend is very, very important. You should say this 'God's word tells me that I am healed and I am healed. Praise God!'  End of discussion. Your healing is yours. Take it, keep it, and do not allow anyone to take it from you. If you will allow those that the devil will send your way to speak sickness and disease into your life, then he will do just that. Don't receive it. When it is spoken, 'say I do not receive that, I am healed and blessed by God. Jesus took all sickness and disease form me. I am healed because God's Holy Word tells me that I am healed. Praise God!' 

     People can no longer speak ill health to you, because you know the truth, and the truth that Jesus said, by my stripes you are healed. It is finished my brother, you have took your healing and you will keep your healing because God's Holy Word is true. Not just part of His word, but ALL OF HIS WORD!

     It is a wonderful thing when a mature brother who has accepted this truth will stand and believe with you. Do not hesitate to ask him or her to do so. But, you do not have to have them. For God's own Holy Spirit dwells inside you and he will believe with you, and Jesus himself will make petitions to God the Father on your behalf for you and after all, God has already mandated your healing. 

     Please remember this my brothers in Christ Jesus. No one can be saved for you. You must use your own faith to be saved. No one can be healed for you. You must use your own faith to be healed. Brothers, please allow your faith to grow in this truth each and every day. Praise God.

God Bless you my brothers,

John Hipp
HVM - C6714