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     Mark 3:24 And if a kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.
     Mark 3:25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.
  •      Syria is divided against itself, it will not stand;   
  •      Russia and the Taliban wait to take it over.
  •      Egypt is divided against itself, it will not stand; 
  •      Russia and the Taliban wait to take it over.
  •      Iraq is divided against itself, it will not stand, 
  •      Russia and the Taliban wait to take it over.
  •      Afganistan is divided against itself, it will not
                  stand, the Taliban waits to take it over.
  •      Iran was taken over by the enemy of God years 
  •     North Korea was taken over by the enemy of God
                 years ago.
  •     Red China was taken over by the enemy of God
                 years ago.
  •     The European Union has now been taken over by
                  the enemy of God.

  •     Christians are now the minority in Europe.
    America, may not yet be to this point as stated above, but under it's current leadership, it is indeed a house divided, and will not react in time to save God's chosen people of Israel, when the ungodly shown above, shall shortly come against her. I thank God that even though He would have liked for us to defend Israel with Him, He does not need our help in order to do so by himself.

    The U.N. and this present government in America, has put one of the last pieces of the puzzle into place by accepting Iran's lies where nuclear weapons are concerned. It is currently a tie as to whether Iran will push the nuclear button first, or whether Syria will push the chemical weapons button against Israel. I believe the evidence is strong that they will both do it in unison.

    His holy word tells us that fire and brimstone will rain down upon those who come from the north, against Israel.
    Fire and brimstone here means nuclear weapons. Russia and Iran are north of Israel.
    God's word tells us that Damascus will lie in ruins and will never again be inhabited. Brothers the only thing that makes a land uninhabitable is nuclear weapons.
    The clock is ticking brothers, so get about doing God's work. The above facts are why we know that the appearing of Jesus Christ to catch away us His church is so very near.

    The worst of the lot is ISIS. They leave no doubt that their goal is the eradication of all Christians and Jews off of the face of the earth. Seldom a week goes by that they are not beheading Christians or anyone who refuses to denounce their God, and convert to Islam. It is only a matter of time until one or more of their supporters bring about another 9/11, not only to America, but also to many other countries whom they are targeting.
    The Bible tells us that we who know him will be removed before the day of God's wrath comes. Brothers, when the above enemy's of God think to wipe Israel off the face of the earth as Iran, the Taliban, Hamas, Isis, and many more have professed for years that they would do. Then they will experience first hand the wrath of God when he will cause those launched weapons to rain back down on their own people.
    We know from God's word that Israel and the Jewish people will stand forever. We have seen first hand how that God will perform a miracle in Israel's behalf.
    On May 15, 1948 when Israel became a nation again God showed the world a miracle. Then when six Arab countries came against her within 48 hours of her becoming a nation. Israel could not defend herself, but God could, and did, and will. She was not harmed.

    Then in the 1967 war when her enemy's again came against her in the deserts, God once again performed a miracle to save her. I read an account of a General, in this war that lasted only seven days. He told of having only about 3,000 men and a few tanks and a mighty wind came and they could no longer see the enemy. Their enemy's surrendered to Israel. When the wind died down Over 300,000 men surrendered to 3,000 Israel's. When they questioned the Egyptian leaders as to why they surrendered. They all proclaimed that they were so out numbered that it would have been certain suicide if they had come against such a vast number of weapons, tanks, air force, and men. The enemy of Israel was shown by God what he wanted them to see.
    Brothers, never doubt what God will do where Israel is concerned. America has been so blessed, over the some two hundred years of her existence, because our founding fathers set up this country under biblical guidance, and dedicated it's very being unto God the creator. God's word tells us that 'I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you'. I am so glad that they can not see how far we have fallen from God's grace. Our fathers and grand fathers who fought WWl and WWll would be so ashamed of the price they paid for our poor stewardship of this once blessed and Godly nation. If you believe we are still being blessed by God as a nation then you are blind and can not see. We have become worse that Sodom and Gomorra.
    Thankfully God does not need our help in defending Israel. He has said, and has performed that act many times, and will again without our help. For he knows in his heart that we as a nation will not be willing to do it.
    I am so sorry heavenly Father, forgive my brothers who stand with the world, and not own the Holy Word of God. This is the year of the last of the triad, the 4 blood moons, and a total eclipse and partial eclipse of the sun. The Jewish people tell us that the blood moons are a sign from God of something bad coming against Israel and the Jewish people. They also tell us that the eclipse of the sun is a sign of God's judgment coming upon the nations. Brothers as I have told you in my recent post called, "The Jewish Calendar Our Window", judgment is coming to America, and other nations which have turned away from God.
    Wake up brothers! It is later that most believe. WATCH! The bible tells us that we are to pray that we be judged worthy to escape the great tribulation, and these things that shall shortly come to pass. Brothers, we must be WATCHING  for Jesus' soon appearing!
Thank you, and God Bless you my brothers.
John Hipp
HVM - C12214