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From: God's Preaching (godpreaching@gmail.com) Sent: Tue 4/21/15 4:03 PM To: JOHN HIPP (jhipp1892@hotmail.com)

God Bless you Brothers and Sisters from HIPP VISUAL MINISTRIES, Members, Partners and Team from USA!
Hope all is well with you by his Grace! Amen!

Brother John preached in my church through Skype by video call, and through his preaching we were blessed and people healed from their diseases, and they pay thanks to God, and get strong faithfulness toward God. Amen!

And hope that in future again and again he will preach in my church. Amen!

I am working for School children, Orphanage children, and Help Widow women.

Pray for this project on monthly basis, help for Orphanage, Children, and Widows, as you can send minimum donation, so that God’s work will continue and will never stop. Amen!

You can send your Gift of Love through Brother John to our Ministry by mailing any amount, however small to Hipp Visual Ministries and he will forward to this ministry in here in Pakistan.

As you know that last month two bombs blasting in two churches of Pakistan and lot of people are died and lots of were injured in hospitals, so this time we need high security in our church and school, so that we will be safe from lost of precious Life.

God Bless You to All my Sisters and Brothers!
Love and Blessings
Sister Shagufta
Pakistan Our ministry website: http://endtimerevivalministriespakistan.weebly.com/fess-free-education-school-system.html

I support the End Time Revival Ministries Pakistan. I have saw the awesome work that our Sister and the church is doing there in Pakistan. Christians there in Pakistan have lost their lives worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. They go on undeterred, while standing fast in the Word Of God. God bless them one and all. If you find yourself able to give any amount, even one dollar, to go toward the work of our Lord, it would be greatly appreciated.

As stated above you may send donations to Hipp Visual Ministries at P.O. Box 354 Altamont,Tn 37301. I will include your name and address to her so that a thank you note thanking you for your support may be sent to you, but (only if you wish to receive a note of acknowledgement from our Sister there in Pakistan). This so that you can be assured that your donation arrived there in Pakistan.

God will bless us greatly for our help in spreading the gospel, and bringing the lost into His fold, in this late hour, and an even greater blessing when we help those who are under treat of death for proclaiming the name of Jesus to those that He loves.

God Bless you my brothers and sisters around the world.

John Hipp
HVM - C42315