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To my Brothers in the United States.

I come to you with a heavily burdened heart for this great country that we call America. 

We are at a point in our history that I believe we have not been in almost two hundred years, and may not be at again.

In less than one month we will be going to the polls to cast our vote for the next president of the United States of America. 

I urge all of my brothers to commit to prayerfully seeking God's guidance in making the right choice.

Please put aside all of the slanderous rhetoric which has been impounded upon all of the voters, by the continuous onslaught of the "so called" news media. 

Only God can speak his truth, understanding, and wisdom into this decision that lies before each of us.

Ask for his knowledge in prayer and it will be given unto you.

 If we as Christian's will not spend a few minutes each day seeking his guidance, then we should never again ask for his help when we are struggling with a way to live with that bad decision we made, by being to lazy to spend a few minutes praying each day.

If we do not stand with God's chosen people in this hour, then heaven help us, for God will have no obligation to do so.

God says to us, "I will help those who help Israel and I will curse those who curse you". 

God is watching this election to see if we know and believe his word. 

Brothers I believe we risk God turning his back on us, as a nation,  if we do not choose the candidate who will be there both for America and for Israel.

Please pray for our brothers to cast the right vote for America, God, Jesus, Israel and the body of Christ, the Church.

May God bless we the Church, and America.

John Hipp
HVM - October, 2012

P.O. Box 191
Pelham, Tn 37366

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM
Sat: 10AM - 2PM

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