Inspirational Photography and God's Word - Company Message
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Welcome to Hipp Visual Ministries:
Enjoy God's Awesome Creations!
These pictures are from a collection
of my photos that God has allowed me to capture.

Watch for His soon appearing!
Walk in the light as 
he is in the light.
     1st John 1:7                        

Can you see God's awesome creations.
 I stand in awe at the beauty of his creations.

His seasons come and go.
 I pray we see clearly the lateness of the hour.
A beautiful autumn day, created by our God.  

The handy work of our Lord, praise God!
Our father never stops creating. He speaks his word and there it is for his children to see. 
Both physically and spiritually!
The Holy Spirit of God dwells in all of His children. 
He fills our heart with the love of God. 
We find wisdom and get understanding in his Holy Word.
We do not have to be old in years to have wisdom.
Pray for His wisdom and knowledge each day and it will be given to you.
              I stand in awe. I am amazed by God's creations.
God never stops creating, we only need to look and see.
Not only those things around us 
      but also within each of us.

We are to grow spiritually always.

We grow by reading and meditating upon his holy word.
Before you open your bible to begin studying ask the Holy Spirit to teach you. He is our teacher, and he will show you all things.

He will give you God's wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of his holy word.
We are commanded to love our 
brothers in Christ. Pray for them,
and for Israel daily.
God is able to perform all of those things that he has promised.

 We are under a blood covenant with God through the sacrifice of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ
This is the new covenant with God which was made possible by Jesus.
                Because of this we are blessed of God.
     Proverbs 10:22 The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and bringeth no sorrows with it.
Walk in his blessings of:
Forgiveness, Healing, Faith, Grace, Love, Peace, Hope, Power, Glory, Joy, Wisdom, Understanding, 
Knowledge, Righteousness, Redemption, and Holiness for these are already yours if you are a child of God saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.
You do not have to ask for them, he has already given them freely to you. You just walk in them!
The Baptism of Jesus.