Inspirational Photography and God's Word - Company Message

GOD'S Gifts
 God gives us differing gifts, but all of His children are given a gift.
Some have many gifts. 
I have been given eyes to see those things that he shows me and ears to hear what the Holy Spirit tells me.
His gifts are:   1. Wisdom   2. Knowledge   3. Faith   4. Healing
                         5. Miracles   6. Prophesy   7. Discerning of Spirits
                         8. Tongues of angels and other nations    
I am a photographer and I use His gift, of spiritual sight, to capture 
His awesome creations.  
I use my ears to hear those things that the Spirit of God tells me, and the Bible tells me that he will only speak those things that He hears the Father or the Son say.
I consider my self blessed of the Lord, for all of the opportunities given me 
to share His holy word and His creation, in my ministry.
I am in service to Jesus Christ for the glory of God the Father. I will minister unto my brothers around the world. I am so humbled by the many people that God has allowed me to minister too all over this world. From all parts of the United States of America, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, and many, many more countries. 
In China alone there are well over 200 visits each month to this ministry. Praise God!!
There is such a movement by the Holy Spirit going on around this world in this time in which we live. We here in the U.S.A sometime don't take the time to see beyond what is in front of us because of our busy lives. Please stop and ask God to show you what he is doing each day.
The Holy Spirit, which lives in all of my brothers in Jesus Christ, 
shows me and teaches me those things 
that he hears from Jesus and the Father.
 For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls.
1 Peter 2:25
The picture above was taken by me as six consecutive shots and then seamed together into this panoramic view.
This shows you what I actually saw when capturing this image of God's creation.
I captured this image of quickly changing clouds during an approaching cold front over Cody, Wyoming.
As seen elsewhere on this site as a single image which I titled, 
"The Shepard and the Lamb". 
The image clearly shows the 
cloud formed image of the Lord, 
with out stretched hands 
moving through the air, 
as a lamb rides freely 
upon His shoulders.
Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal your  Gifts unto you.
Please know that I give all praise and glory to Jesus Christ my Lord and Savour for any abilities that I have. 
His Holy Word teaches us that 
with Christ all things are possible.
We find wisdom and get 
understanding from His Word. 
The Holy Spirit fills our heart 
with love as he teaches us all things.
Please love your brothers in Christ Jesus as we have been commanded.
Watch always for his soon appearing. 
  Pray for the peace of Jerusalem daily.
Your brothers lift up Jesus Christ
 as the only living son of God
 and our Lord and Savour.
Use your gifts for God's glory
and in service to Jesus Christ.