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2nd Peter Chapter 1:1-8

Brothers follow along with me as God reveals perhaps one of his biggest plans for your life.

See in this first verse what Peter is saying to you and I as children of God, and as God reveals perhaps his greatest hope for your life, after you came to know Jesus.

Peter says that he is a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ. He then says in the last sentence of verse one that we who have obtained like precious faith. Faith through the righteousness of God and our Savior Jesus Christ. 

See that we who know Jesus have obtained the precious faith of God because of Jesus. God's holy word tells us multiple times in the Bible that we who know Jesus have been given the measure of faith. To grow into Jesus' kind of faith. Look back at verse number one.

Had you and I not exercised that measure of faith we would never have received conviction of our sins by the Holy Spirit whom God sent to us. Yes, God's very own Holy Spirit revealed our sins to us and at that moment we knew that we were lost in our sins and needed a savior.

Think on the word measure. What does measure mean? 

Measure is the exact amount of flour or meal that is needed to make your bread consistently be the same each time that you bake it. What happens if it is not the full measure of flour or meal? It will not taste the same to us when we eat that bread.

Brothers, we see here in verse two above that God's grace (mercy) and peace (health and happiness in our salvation) will be multiplied unto each of us through the knowledge of God, and our Lord Jesus. WOW!

Only when you and I exercise our measure of faith given to us will our knowledge of Him grow as God intended. We are not to allow that faith to just set inside us and not be multiplied unto us.

Just as if the measure of flour and meal were to be allowed to just set in the mixing bowl. That flour and meal would never be the bread that you intended. Brothers neither will your faith be what God and Jesus intended.

Yes brothers, just at it takes heat from the oven to turn your meal and flour into bread that can then be eaten to sustain your life. So too will your measure of faith grow into the knowledge of God that He intended, as you walk through this life. We will all be tested and endure trials of this present world. We do not look forward to these trails, but when we have endured these trials for a season and come out on the other side, then we find that our faith has increased.

Brothers, each and every trial will grow us into a deeper and deeper faith in God. Then will our faith be increased. Do you see that without walking through the trials that are before us our faith (the meal and flour of our life) will never be the bread that will sustain you as God intended. 

God's divine power, is ours when we act upon our faith, and over time His kind of faith will live and grow inside each of us who endure our trials. Brothers God wants you and I to receive and live in his kin of faith. His kind of faith is way beyond our measure of faith that he gave each of us.

But, his kind of faith is ours if only we exercise that faith given us and grow into a mature christian as God intended.

Brothers, see that he following verses say that beside this we are to do these things also. See that all good things come from exercising our faith. Now see how we are to walk on this earth in our maturing faith.

Brothers all of these godly characteristics come from our growing faith. There is no other way for you and I to walk through this life receiving all of God's grace and love without exercising our faith first.

Please read the following list of what God has already given you. Remember that he first gave each of us the measure of faith needed to know both the Father and Jesus, and to not only know, but also to walk in these as we increase more and more with each passing day our God kind of faith. 

          1. FAITH
          2. VIRTUE
          3. KNOWLEDGE
          4. TEMPERANCE
          5. PATIENCE
          6. GODLINESS
          8. CHARITY

Brothers, do not allow your self to have a defeated attitude when you are placed into your trials (the oven If you will,) for with each passing trial we are given the bread of life. Jesus is the bread of our life. Walk in your growing faith just as Jesus showed us by his own life.

God's very own kind of knowledge, and his very own kind of wisdom, and his very own understanding of all things earthly and heavenly are yours by faith. Praise God! 

God bless you my faithful brothers in Christ Jesus.

John Hipp
HVM - C6619