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Good Morning Brothers,

I wish to cover a little different topic with you today. If you are a frequent visitor to this site then you know that my ministry is all about teaching you the truth of God's word.

I hope that over the years you have been fed the truth of God's Holy Word each, and every time that you have visited. This is no exception even though it is in a different format.

Some time ago I was burdened with the absence of books of substance for Christians.

Sure it is fairly easy to find a Christian book covering one topic, and tying that topic to various scriptures in the bible.

These books are both needed, and they provide a service to the Christians who are seeking a bible based answer to a looming question which is hanging over their lives.

These books which range from seventy five to two hundred pages, and more at times, fill a needed niche in the religious based book category.

But, the book of substance with a life lesson to teach each of us is very hard to find. The book that you can sit down with, over a cup of hot chocolate on a cold winters day, is hard to find.

We need a story that we can get lost in for a few hours, or even days in this case. A story which will grab your attention immediately, and take you back to that time and place within the story.

I believe that this is such a book. Many, many readers have told me that they were grabbed in the first few pages, and could not stop reading the story.

It is my sincere desire that you will find this to be your experience also, as you find yourself lost in the pages of this story.

It is the story of two men in 1880's America. They grew up in two very different homes one with love, and one without love.

These two men became fast friends. They committed a horrible crime, and over the next dozen years sought both love, and forgiveness.

This book is about life, and finding out what is truly important. The book is titled A TIME IN THE SOUTH.

Please read my book, and also give a review of the story that I have told within these pages.

I truly hope that you enjoy this book, and that it touches your inner spirit like no other ever has.

You may purchase the book on AMAZON.COM by simply typing John Hipp Books in their search bar, and choosing the above title. 

The price of the book on Amazon is $15.00 and they will ship both U.S. and International.

Thank you and my God bless.

John Hipp
HVM - C72819

PS: When you and your family are finished with the book please donate it to a lost individual, or to a prison inmate. My hope is that this story will touch their lives. God can use you to minister to them in a way like no other.