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Brothers, all of us have lost a loved one whom we believe to be in Heaven with our Lord Jesus and God the Father.

We have hundreds of promises made by God to those of us who believe upon His Son Jesus.

Over the years I to have wondered about my loved one's who are in heaven.
I have thought often about weather or not they have thought about me.
I believe that the bible is clear that they have not. 
Because, we are told that heaven is a joyous and peace filled place. There is no sorrow there.

They would see our children, and grandchildren going through such awful temptation, the likes of which we and our parents were not subjected to. 'Not to mention sickness and disease'.

Some of these children, and grandchildren will fall into that temptation, for at least a season, just as most of us did.
We have hope that they would turn to God the Father just as we ourselves did. But, this would cause our loved one's great pain and sorrow. They would not be able to have God's promised rest, and peace.
But, lets say for a moment that our loved ones would be allowed to look down on this earth when we crossed their minds.

But, if you count one day on earth as a thousand years in heaven then she has only been there in Heaven some 5 hours.
Yes, 5 hours in heaven is equal to 32 years on earth when you use the above scripture when it tells us that a thousand years on earth is equal to one day in heaven.

These loved ones would have been so busy visiting with all of these relatives, and friends that we would not have crossed their mind in only five hours.

Not to mention all of the beauty of heaven which they would be touring.

Brothers, our loved ones have not had time to miss anyone or anything on this earth, and they never will.

God bless you my brothers,

John Hipp
HVM - C111217