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Stacking Stones Up, by The Bradys
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     Hebrews 2:6 But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man that thou visitest him?
     The angels here were stating a fact in saying. What is man, that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you visit him?
     Hebrews 2:7 Thou madest him a little lower than the angels; thou crownedst him with glory and honour, and didst set him over the works of thy hands: 
     Hebrews 2:8 Thou hast put all things in subjection under his feet. For in that he put all in subjection under him, he left nothing that is not put under him. But now we see not yet all things put under him. 
     Hebrews 2:9 But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels for the suffering of death, crowned with glory and honour; that he by the grace of God should taste death for every man. 
     Here Paul tells us that the angels looking down from heaven were in wonder of the love that God had shown man. We are told here that both man and Jesus were made a little lower than the angels, (verse 7 and verse 9). They stated in verse 8, that God had put all things in subjection under mans feet and had left nothing that was not put under man. They testified that even now there are more things to be put under mans feet. I believe this last statement is referring to the thousand year rein of Jesus here on this earth when we saints, who were these men, shall rule and rein with Jesus for one thousand years here on earth.
They stated here (verse 9), that they see Jesus suffering death, crowned with glory and honour, that by the grace of God he should taste death for every man.

     Hebrews 2:10 For it became him, for whom are all things, and by whom are all things, in bringing many sons unto glory, to make the captain of their salvation perfect through sufferings. 
     Hebrews 2:11 For both he that sanctifieth and they who are sanctified are all of one: for which cause he is not ashamed to call them brethren, 
     Brothers, Paul tells us here that Jesus the captain of our salvation is bringing many sons unto glory through sufferings. Both Jesus who sanctifieth and we who are sanctified are all of one and that Jesus is not ashamed to call us his brothers. "Wow"! We therefore must not be ashamed to call all the saints of God our brothers.

     Hebrews 2:12 Saying, I will declare thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church will I sing praise unto thee. 
     Hebrews 2:13 And again, I will put my trust in him. And again, Behold I and the children which God hath given me.
     Brothers, Jesus promised God here in verse 12 & 13 that he would declare the name of God unto us His brethren. That he would do this in the midst of the church by singing praise unto God the father, and that we too should declare in the church also our love for God the Father by singing praise unto God.

     Hebrews 2:14 Forasmuch then as the children are partakers of flesh and blood, he also himself likewise took part of the same; that through death he might destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil; 
     Hebrews 2:15 And deliver them who through fear of death were all their lifetime subject to bondage. 
     Here Paul is stating to the church that Jesus took part through His death, burial, and resurrection that through death Jesus destroyed the devil who had the power of death until Jesus took it form him. 
     Remember brothers, that we as children of God because of Jesus now are to have NO FEAR OF DEATH. When we were lost we had fear of death, but now that we are saved we are to have no fear because we will never die. We will leave this body and forever be with the Lord. Praise God!

     Hebrews 2:16 For verily he took not on him the nature of angels; but he took on him the seed of Abraham.
     Hebrews 2:17 Wherefore in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren, that he might be a merciful and faithful high priest in things pertaining to God, to make reconciliation for the sins of the people.
     Hebrews 2:18 For in that he himself hath suffered being tempted, he is able to succour them that are tempted.
     Brothers, Jesus took on the seed of Abraham and we gentiles have been grafted into that vine. Jesus calls us brothers. Jesus was tempted by the devil and overcame that temptation and He will hold us above the temptation when it comes into our lives. 

God Bless you my brothers in Christ Jesus,

John Hipp
HVM - C41414