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Brothers we should be going about the work that God has charged us to do. Jesus promised us in 1st Thes. 4:14-18 that if he left to go be with the Father he would also return to receive us unto himself that where he was there we should be also.

If you have read my past messages then you know that the day of his appearing to receive us unto himself is fast approaching. 

I have been given a burden to witness unto those who will be left behind, and I will attempt to tell you now what the Father, and the Son have revealed to me through His Holy Spirit who resides not only in me, but also in every born again child of God.

These days in which we now live are a witness to so many prophecy's being fulfilled. If you were born after WWll then you have witnessed more bible prophecy fulfilled than any generation since the birth of Jesus. With each passing year more, and more completed prophecy is seen by those of us who believe upon the Holy Word of God that is taught us by the gospel truth of His word.

I myself have been a Christian for more than 35 years. But, even before I became a Christian I have listened to pastors, and teachers teach about the catching away of the Church. I have heard the catching away, (Rapture) if you prefer, both preached, and taught hundreds of times. Those times after that I was saved have prompted me to study the bible, and seek God's wisdom on this subject

Sure most of us know that when that hour comes God the Father will say to the Son. It is time. When God says these words. The trumpet will sound, and Jesus will step out into the air, and He will say, come up here.

The bodies of the dead in Christ shall rise first to meet their souls in the clouds, (their souls have been with God and Jesus in heaven since their physical death here on earth).

These sleeping saints of God, as they are called in the bible, will then be in their new glorified bodies.

We who are alive in this hour will hear Jesus say come up hear. We then who are alive shall be changed into our glorified bodies in the twinkling of an eye, ( I have read that that is approximately16 times faster that the blinking of an eye). Now brothers that is fast.

We will then join the risen saints in the clouds at the last trump of God.

We will then rise to meet Jesus in the air. He and all of his angels will be visible to us. He will bring our rewards with him, and they will be given to us. When we see Him we shall be like him.

This is to say that for the very first time since our earthly births we will be made perfect as Jesus was, and is perfect. Wow, perfect! Can you even grasp what that means.

Think on this event for a moment.

We shall then return to heaven with Jesus to stand before God the Father. We are told that we shall make up a great crystal sea. (Brothers crystal is the only mineral which will show even the smallest blemish). We will be without spot nor blemish. Perfect for the first time, and made perfect forever.

Now I will speak to you about those who are left behind.

God's Holy Word tells us plainly that there will be a multitude of saints that will come out of the great tribulation period. Please remember that the 144,000 Jewish virgin men will reach millions of people, and bring them to heaven at the second catching away shortly after mid tribulation. (Somewhere around the four year mark of the tribulation).

Even after this there will be those who are saved. For we are told that even when Jesus and his army come for the battle of Armageddon there will be those saints who have been killed for not taking the mark of the beast. They have been calling out for God to avenge their death by their enemy's. 

Do you see that even after the church is taken out of the earth, and the 144,000 Jewish preacher's, and their saints are taken out of the earth. The Holy Spirit of God has continued to bring conviction on some who are put to death because of their belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

God never stops giving lost men another chance for eternal life, and to be saved.

I have imagined over the years many times how some whom I love dearly could be left behind at the catching away of the Church. Even those of us who are born again children of God are to both watch and pray always. Do you see that some of us who sit on a church pew every Sabbath day will not be caught up with the Church at Jesus' appearing.

They will not have been Watching, and praying to be accounted worthy to escape those things that shall come to pass, and stand before the Son of man, Luke 21:36 says that we are to; WATCH and pray always that we should be accounted worthy to escape all of these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

I stand on this verse of scripture every day my brothers, and I try every day to walk Christ like. But, when I fail I repent of that sin, and continue to try to walk Christ like.

Let us now say that you have a loved one perhaps a member of your own family who does not make the first catching away. Let us say that there are many of your friends or family who are left behind. Try now to see those who are left even though they believed themselves to be saved. Also those that you love who you believed to be lost.

I struggled the most in believing that those left would ever be saved, and here was my thinking at the time. Let me imagine that my earthly blood brother who was born of the same parents as I was born did not make the first catching away of the Church.

I know that he loved his children, and grand children as much as anyone on earth has ever loved their children.

I also knew that he could not bear to see those sweet little babies go hungry, and to have no home to call their own.

The bible tells us that when the antichrist comes into power that no one will be able to buy or sell who does not take the mark of the beast.

I use to think that the lost of that time would be walking around with the number 666 tattooed in their forehead or their hand.

Now I can see that it will not be that obvious. I believe that they will voluntarily receive a tiny computer chip under the skin, in either the hand or the forehead, a bar code of you will. This will be scanned in order for you to buy anything, or sell anything.

The people of the great tribulation will not have a job unless they take this mark (chip). They will not be able to buy food or any other goods including clothing, automobiles, or gasoline for a car that they may happen to own with no mortgage. If they are making payments on the automobile then the repo man is on his way to repossess it because they will not be allowed to make a another payment.

Let us say for a moment that they have cash. This money will be no good to them because they will not be able to use it unless they take the mark of the beast. They will not be able to pay their rent.

They will not be able to buy a house or live in one that is not paid for. If their house is paid for it will be of little consequence. The taxes can not be paid, and when you do not pay your taxes you loose your home. You can buy no electricity. You will have no heat or air conditioning.

If you heat with wood you will not be able to buy any wood that you do not have on hand. You can not even buy a match or a lighter to start a fire once you run out of matches that you might have on hand. If you were to have a chain saw you can buy no gasoline to power it. 

You can plant a garden, and grow your own food, only if you have the seeds or plants on hand, but you will have to cultivate it with a hoe if you have one.

You will have to steal your food. If you are lucky you can do this a time or maybe two. But, you will get caught, and then forced to take the mark of the beast or be killed.

You can not buy fertilize, weed killer, insect repellent or even seeds to plant. Most of the younger generation does not know how to even begin to grow their own food, and if they do they can not produce enough to feed their family for an entire year without the above mentioned items.

Please stop now and think on all of the things which require money to live in this present day world. These who are left behind will have no money to buy goods and services. I could go on and on with examples, but you get my point. Those who are left here on earth will be very obvious if they do not take the mark.

Here's how. Your yards will grow up because you are unable to mow it. Remember no gasoline, and no way to pay for someone to mow it for you.

Your automobile is parked and never moved. Your clothes are ragged, and dirty. You can not replace them, and on, and on, and on. It will be obvious to everyone that you have not taken the mark (the chip if you will), and everyone who sees you out in public will tell, the powers that be, of your location because there will probably be a reward paid to anyone who will turn you in for not having the mark.

My thinking that because my earthly brother who was left behind loved his children, and grand children so much. He would take the mark just so that they would not suffer these seven years. The young parents would not be able to feed or cloth their children. If they became ill the doctor or hospitals would not treat them. He could not be able to not try to provide for them.

This past week in one of my prayer times with the Father the Holy Spirit showed me clearly that my earthly brother would not face the great tribulation worrying about taking care of his little children because they would not be here.

That's right. Because they would have been caught up with us the Church. Because they would not have reached the age of accountability for their sins. The bible tells us that they will be with their heavenly father. {Praise God)!!!

Now this one fact that the little children are removed will bring many to Christ. The new young parents will fall to their knees and accept Jesus Christ knowing that it is the only way in which they will ever see or be with their children. They will probably be willing to die in order to be with them once again. The older grand parents will do the same thing if they are to ever see their grand children again.

Some who reject God, and take the mark, and have more children during the tribulation will be able to provide for these children. That is until about the fourth year of the tribulation. Then what happens?

The 144,000 and the saints with them shall be caught up to heaven.

UP'S!!! They loose their children, and grand children once again. Now God is pulling at their heart strings once again.

If some how they have managed not to take the mark of the beast by this time, and it is very doubtful that they could survive this long without accepting the mark. Then now they have once again lost more children.

If they have more children they to will be caught up at the end of the battle of Armageddon when there will be another catching away of His saints. Who are the saints who have made it to the end of the tribulation?

I believe most are the little children, and more dead saints who have been killed for not taking the mark (the chip).

Do you see that God is merciful to the lost of this world. He gives mankind chance after chance after chance to accept Jesus Christ. I believe that you can see here that until the 144,000 Jewish men begin preaching the truth of the gospel that there will be many millions saved because of all of the little children who are taken from their parents, and grand parents during the catching away of the Church.

I have attempted to show you what God has revealed to me. I hope that you will now see the urgency of accepting Jesus as your Lord and Savior if you are lost in this hour. Please repent of your sin, and invite Jesus into your heart.

Grab hold of your little children, and grand children, and go with the church when Jesus appears for us. Do not go through the pain, and suffering that is coming very soon to this world.

Romans 13:14 But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfil the lusts thereof.

Brothers go about reaching the lost in this hour. Also rededicate your life to God, and turn away from the lusts of this world.The bible tells us what they are.

Mark 4:19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.

Now is the time, and today is the day to complete the assignment that God has given you. We are to bring the lost into God's fold in this hour.

His word tells us  that the fields are now white to harvest, and that you can hide a multitude of sin by leading one lost soul to Christ Jesus.

God Bless you my brothers, and my soon to be brothers.

John Hipp

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