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Brothers, please allow me to expand on the previous lesson entitled 'We are no longer flesh & blood'.

When we accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior we became a new creature. Our fleshly body that we see in the mirror is now only a shell that we now live in.

This is our earthly body but it is not who we are. We are not flesh but we as spirit live inside this outer shell. Your friends recognize your outer fleshly shell but they do not see you with their fleshly eyes they only see your flesh.

They can have a connection with the real spirit you when over time they can see past the flesh and know you and connect to your spirit. This is what makes the two of you lifelong friends when you connect in spirit. You are very blessed if you have even one or two people like this in your life here on earth.

Ok now for the commentary. Any time that you see the word spirit in the bible God is referring to you. You are with a small (s). When you see the large (S) this is referring to God's Spirit as in the Holy Spirit. It is Gods Holy Spirit which Jesus sent to reside inside you.

He, Gods Spirit will bring all truth to you. He will give his strength to you when you are weak. He will show you all things. Ask for his wisdom and knowledge and He will give it to you. You only have to ask and then by faith receive and walk in it. 

So we have our spirit living inside our fleshly body but we also have Gods very own Holy Spirit living inside us as well. 

It is Gods Spirit which communicates with our spirit. With practice, we learn what His Spirit both says to us and also shows us.

Do you see that after we were saved we no longer are to listen to our fleshly body about what our outward eyes see, or what our fleshly mind thinks, or what our fleshly ears hear. We are no longer controlled by sin. Our bodies became sin after Adam and Eve listened to satin in the Garden of 

Because Jesus came to this earth to live and die for our sins we are now new creatures living and walking by faith in the spirit which is our true self.

Glory be to God we are free from a physical body! 

Our physical body is subject to make errors in judgment, but our spirit self no longer makes mistakes. All we have to do is be still and quiet while we hear what Gods Spirit is telling our spirit to do or say. 

God is all truth he can not lie and will guide you down the right path through this life. You will never again take the wrong road that your fleshly mind is telling you to go down. Your spirit will know the choice that is right for you because it is Gods choice that you are following not your outward bodies choice.

Brothers, I am going to stop here and allow you to re-read this message over as you take the time to meditate on this truth that God has given me to share with you. I will continue teaching you on this subject.

God Bless you my brothers in Christ Jesus:

John Hipp
HVM - C72418