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Brothers, I have written this book which tells the story of a time in the Post Civil War South. It is a story of the life of two men who met in the Gold Mines of North Georgia.

One young man came from the home of a father who was a very hard task master. The oldest of six siblings, and he had vowed never to return home no matter what life had in store for him.

The other man was the youngest of four boys, and had vowed never to be made to fill inferior to anyone ever again.

They committed a crime which they both felt would condemn them to an eternal Hell. It is the day to day life of these two men as they run from man's law. This road takes them to both good, and bad times as they find love, and a family of their own. All the while the law continuing to search for them.

This is a book about a man seeking Love and Forgiveness in an awful period of time.

As time passes they seek after forgiveness for this crime that they committed at the age of twenty. After time it is not the forgiveness of man that they seek after, but rather God's forgiveness.

It is my belief that you will both laugh, and cry as you find yourself drawn into the lives of these two men. The John Hipp of this story is my name sake, and great grand father.

It is my hope that many who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior will know him. If you know someone who is going down the wrong road please share this story with them. May God be glorified by the telling of this story.

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