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2 John
Chapter 1

Brothers please follow alone with me here in 2 John Ch. 1:1-11 as we are taught the first commandment from God.

The truth lives inside each of us who know and profess Jesus as Lord and Savior. Jesus and God' word is alive inside you and I. No one could convince you that his word is not true.

The Bible tells us that God can not lie. Every word, every promise, every teaching of God' word is his complete truth.

We are also told that not only is his word truth, but that his word has come to dwell inside you and I. Brothers, we have the gospel of Christ Jesus and God the Father living inside you and I right now. Not only his word which is truth, but also God' very own Holy Spirit and Jesus live inside each of us.

God' grace, his mercy, and his peace are with you and I every day. He does not leave us. They are both with us always even when we are going through tough times in our life. We have his truth, his holy word, living inside each of us. He promises us that we will never fail and that he will never forsake or leave us.

We have had a commandment from the beginning to love one another. That commandment has not gone away. We are still commanded to love one another in this day.

Jesus is love! 

Brothers, here we are told that there are many deceivers in this world. They did not arrive last year, no, they have been here since Jesus' day. But, there are many, many more deceivers here in our day. You and I must be careful not to be deceived in this day. We must teach our brothers in love that they will not be deceived.

Do you see here in verse 8 that we can loose a reward that we have already earned. We are told that at Jesus' appearing he will bring our rewards with him. You and I must strive each day to keep our full reward by not believing these deceiving antichrist' who are here in this day.

Brothers here we are told that whoever does not profess Jesus as the Christ and that he has come in the flesh is antichrist.

We are also told here in the second part of verse 9 that we who abide in the doctrine of Christ have both the Father and the Son abiding in each of us.

Brothers please see here that we are not to receive anyone into our house who does not profess that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. You know this truth and you are to love one another as God' word has taught you.

Brothers I have told you before and now tell you again that we are to love one another. God' word tells us that we can not love God if we do not love our brothers in Christ. But, we also must love one another. Here one another is referring not only to our brothers in Christ Jesus but also the lost of this world.

It took me so long to understand how I could love the lost who did evil deeds each and every day. They speak vile evil words every day. But, God showed me that it is the person that we are to love, not the deeds of the person. We can love the person without condoning how he or she lives their lives.

So go about loving and praying for the lost person without loving what he does, what he says, or how he or she lives his life. 

Brothers, this last statement in verse 11 is so very important for us to receive in this day. God tells us here that if we condone the evil acts or deeds of the unrighteous then we are partaking of his evil deeds with him. This is not to be done. We are not to wish him well, for by doing this we are wishing him God speed and then we are sharing in his evil ways.

Please see that we can love one another and pray for one another without condoning or accepting how they live. We are commanded to love our brothers and our fellowman, but we are also commanded not to think that the evil deeds and words that they both do and speak are ok, because it certainly is not alright with God and must not be ok with us.

God bless you my brothers in Christ and my soon to be brothers in Christ Jesus.

John Hipp
HVM - C7319