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Brothers allow me to show you what our Lord Jesus would teach you about your prayer life.
Jesus gave unto you and I a great gift when he taught us how we should pray. Yes we all have read and heard the Lords prayer that he gave unto his disciples when they asked him to teach them to pray.
But we born again children of God should have grown past that simple prayer that he gave his disciples. Please recall Jesus telling them that they could not understand some things at that point in their teaching.
Jesus was speaking to men of God who followed him through most of his three years of ministering unto the world. But they were yet unsaved and the Holy Spirit of God had not yet come upon them.
Remember that Jesus told them on the day of Pentecost, as he was about to ascend to Heaven, that they were to go to Jerusalem and wait for the Holy Spirit to come upon them. They waited in Jerusalem some 40 days before they received the baptism of the Spirit.
We on the other hand who believed upon the name of Jesus and was born again do now have access to all the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding of God. Jesus told us that he would abide in us and that we would abide in Jesus in Heaven.
Brothers now does He live inside you and I and you and I also live and abide inside Jesus in Heaven as he sits at the right hand of God the Father.
As we read and meditate on the following scriptures please see yourself with Jesus looking down on your on self as you go through this life here on earth.

Brothers God has given to you and I the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him. We have this wisdom and knowledge in us right now. This has been revealed to our spirits at this time. We must learn how to use God's wisdom and knowledge in our daily walk here on earth.
We must now know that we have inherited his understanding as saints of God. Our spiritual eyes have been enlightened. Now are we to see with our spiritual eyes our calling.
Brothers please remember that our spirit lives inside our fleshly body. Our flesh has eyes and ears, but these are not the eyes that you and I are to see with.
It is our spirit eyes that have been enlightened. We are to use these eyes to see all that Jesus sees from Heaven. We must learn to use these eyes to walk through this life.
By using our spirit eyes we can avoid the pitfalls and trappings of this evil world. Our flesh eyes can not see these. Looking down from Heaven we can know what lies ahead of us in our walk.
Verse 19 above says that His exceeding great power has been given to us-ward who believe. He will use that power that has been put inside the spirit of every believer.
We are the church, Jesus is the head and you and I are the body of Christ Jesus.
Brothers stop now and meditate on the fact that you are to do all things through your spirit mind, eyes, ears, and body. Not your fleshly body. Our fleshly mind is corrupt since the fall of Adam in the Garden. You and I can not trust our fleshly mind for it is still carnal.
It is only our spirit mind that has been born again and been given all power to see and know what God and Jesus knows. His knowledge, His wisdom, and His understanding of ALL things.

LUKE 10:19
Brothers we have power through the Holy Spirit to tread on serpents and scorpions as we walk through this life. Over all the power of the enemy and nothing can hurt us when we use and walk in the exceeding power that is ours.

We are spiritually blessed in heavenly places in Christ because we abide there with him, even though we are also here inside this fleshly body.

We were raised up together with Christ Jesus to sit with him in heavenly places. We sit with him now. We can look down from heaven and see with our spirit eyes what we have need to pray for. Praise God!

Brothers we are to serve God on this earth and by being in service to him now we are furnishing our heavenly home in heaven. We must always be heavenly minded not earthly minded.

Carnally minded is to be fleshly minded and this is death. But spiritually minded is life and peace. Do you see who we are to be, spirit not flesh.

We are to think only on these things.


Faith is what we walk in. The word of God is to always be inside us. The word of God is in our mouth, and in our heart. Do you recall that his Holy Word tells us in the bible that what is in our hearts is spoken from our mouth.
Brothers all power is ours. We have the power to see and know everything that lies ahead in the path that we are on. We are in Jesus in Heaven looking down on our life here on earth. It is only by using this power and the sight God has given us that we can avoid the enemy at ever turn.
We do not have to be tempted by the things of this earth if we are walking in the spirit and not in the flesh.
God bless you my brothers. Pray in the spirit from heaven for your needs, because your spirit knows what you have need of because God's very on Holy Spirit is teaching us all things.
John Hipp
HVM - C83119

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