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Brothers do you fill like you are traveling the twisted mountain road in the above picture. Does there seem to be no end to the twists and turns in your personal life. Have you ever felt that just as you are about to reach the bottom of the mountain there appears another mountain standing in front of you. You grow tired and weary as the new mountain in your life comes closer with each step that you take.

Allow me to teach you what Jesus himself said about your mountains that would come into your life. Follow alone with me In the book of Mark Chapter 11. There are a few things that you must do as Jesus is teaching you here. 

Chapter 11

Jesus asked two of his disciples to go into the next town and there they would find a colt (a young donkey that no one had ever set on) then they were to untie him and bring him to Jesus. He went on to say that if anyone asked them what they were doing with the colt they were to say the Lord have need of him.

Brothers the first lesson here is that you are to do what Jesus tells you to do. Jesus told them were to go, what they would find there, and what to say if anyone tried to prevent them from taking the young colt.

These two disciples went were He told them to go, they found there what Jesus said that they would find, and then when those who were present asked them what they were doing as they loosed the colt. The two disciples said exactly what Jesus had told them to say and they were allowed to leave with the colt.

Do you see here that you are to listen to what Jesus has said to you, and that you are to do what He tells you to do. Brothers Jesus himself is speaking to you in this eleventh chapter of Mark.

He is teaching you that you are to listen and hear with your spiritual ears what he is saying to you. Do what he tells you and you will be walking in his will through this life that we live here on Earth.

Those people who saw Jesus riding the colt into the city called him Hosanna. They law down their garments and branches as though it was a red carpet being laid down for a King to enter into their city.

Jesus went into the temple there in Jerusalem but he did not minister to them he only looked around on all things.

Jesus said to the fig tree on their way to Jerusalem that because it had no fruit that He might eat thereof, that no man would ever eat fruit from this tree.

Brothers, this fig tree that Jesus walked up to hoping to find fruit hanging from the branches because he was hungry. He found none. Please see that the sole purpose of this trees existence was to bear fruit that man might eat thereof. But, after walking up to the tree Jesus found no fruit for him to eat.

Jesus comes to us who belong to him here on this earth. Just as he looked upon the fig tree He will look upon you and I to see if we are bearing any fruit for Him. Brothers what will he find growing on your branches.

Do you recall my message about the vineyard. That Jesus is the vine and we are the branches. The branches are what bears the fruit. Just as this fig trees branches were created for one purpose and that was to produce fruit. So to is the reason that you were created.

Brothers don't let Jesus find that you as the branch is bearing no fruit for Him. Jesus found no fruit on the fig tree. Jesus told the fig tree that because he had bore no fruit that it would never again have the opportunity to bear fruit.

Please see here that we are in the time of his soon appearing to catch up us the church. But before that day comes He will come to you to see if you have any fruit for him. Brothers please don't let him find you as this fig tree without fruit for if he finds no fruit hanging from you his branch he may speak the same words to you as he spoke here to this fig tree.

He said to them that it was written that the temple was to be a house of prayer and that they had turned it into a den of thieves.

Do you see here that the people of Jerusalem had allowed the house of prayer to become a place to buy and sell goods to try to make money. Mamon is what God calls money. This was not what Jesus wanted to find. He threw them out of the temple alone with all of their goods. But, after this he still attempted to one more time to teach them, even though it appeared that they had learned nothing of God's holy word to this point. 

The religious leaders had allowed the temple to be used for a market for buying and selling goods. Jesus overturned the tables, and not only cast out the things that they were selling but also the people who were in the temple. He cast the people and their goods out onto the street.

Peter saw that the fig tree that Jesus spoke to was now dead and withered away. He told Jesus that the tree was now dead.

What did Jesus say to Peter and his disciples? He said, "Have faith in God."

Brothers here Jesus is telling you that if you have faith then whatever you speak shall come to  pass. Jesus spoke those words to the tree and it came to pass what he said to the tree. No man would ever eat fruit from this tree for ever. The fig tree was now dead and withered away. Jesus said it and it came to pass.

The very last sentence of verse 22 above says, "Have Faith In God." 

Brothers our faith in God's holy word will bring what ever you desire into being. Now Jesus goes own to personally tell you what authority and power that he has given you. Your faith in God's word will set you free. Now you are to speak the word of God into your life. It is time that you began bearing fruit my brothers. 

Don't wait for Jesus to visit you and find you having done nothing that he ordained you to do. The Bible tells us that he is long suffering and mighty in patience. But just because he did not look upon you to find your fruit yesterday does not mean that he won't look for your fruit today. If he finds you his branch without fruit he may speak death unto you just as he did to this fig tree. 

Faith my brothers, your faith is to be God's kind of faith. He spoke the entire world into being. He spoke mankind into being, and he expects you to have faith in God that what ever you believe He will bring to pass. All you have to do is to exercise your faith. 

Faith is what saved you, your faith in Jesus as the only begotten Son of God saved you. You did not witness his birth, you did not see him grow from a child to man. You did not witness the many miracles that he performed. You did not see him teach in the streets and temples of his day.

You were convicted of your sins by the Holy Spirit of God and accepted by faith Jesus as your Lord and savior and the only way to eternal life. Faith brothers, your faith is what brought you into the assurance of SALVATION. FAITH brothers, your faith does not belong to someone else but your faith is your faith. 

Just as someone else' faith can not save you neither can their faith perform the work that you were made to do in service to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Whoever shall say to this mountain, be removed, and cast into the sea, and has no doubt in his heart, but believes that what he says will come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says. 'Wow.' What a promise Jesus spoke into your life brother.

Brothers, the first thing that Jesus says here is WHOEVER. Not someone special or just a few that I will choose, but rather Jesus said WHOEVER. That is you brother, you are the whoever that Jesus spoke to here. 

Jesus then says that you will have no doubt in your heart, but shall believe that what you say will come to pass. Have no doubt but believe what you speak. Have no doubt, believe it. Your heart here is not your fleshly heart, but rather it is your spirit heart. Your spirit has a head, a mind, a heart. It is a spiritual body just as you have a fleshly body, mind and heart you have a spirit one as well. 

Brothers, take your spirit ears, and eyes, and tongue, and mind and every other part that you need to walk through this life in complete and total faith. Jesus is not speaking here to your earthly body, he is speaking to your spirit body. It is your spirit who is a born again new creature in Christ Jesus. 

Believe that you receive and you shall have. You speak it in faith, you believe what you say is coming to pass, because Jesus himself told you that it would, and it will be yours. FAITH!

Forgive all whom you have anything against. God will forgive you of all things if you will only forgive one another. Brothers we must forgive! Forgive! Forgive, that we may be forgiven.

We probably can not think of everyone that we have unforgiveness for. But, over time we will recall another person that we need to forgive. When the Holy Spirit shows us this person from our past then forgive them. You will have someone cross your path today who will offend you in some way. Forgive them immediately as the Holy Spirit who dwells in you will show you. It will become second nature for you to walk in forgiveness as Jesus has instructed you here to do.

Lets review here what Jesus says about FAITH.

Hear what he says to you. (take your spirit ears)

Do what he tells you to do. (go were he tells you to go and do what he says to do)

Answer everyone who asks why you do this thing. (donkey)

Speak to all problems in your life. (the mountain which come)

Bear much fruit in service to the Lord Jesus. (the fig tree)

Cast your mountains into the sea. (see the mountain fall down, down, down to the deepest part of the ocean floor. See the floor open and swallow your mountain and then close again as it buries your mountain for ever deep under the ocean floor.)

Do not allow satin or anyone else that he might try to use to bring this mountain back into your life. Say to the devil that God has taken this thing from me and it is gone forever. God said it and I believe it. "PRAISE GOD!"

See the dead fig tree brothers. Jesus gave you his authority and his power over all things. It belongs to you. Take it and walk in it. By faith are you saved, and by faith you do have whatsoever you desire in prayer. Speak it, believe it, and receive it.

Jesus' power and authority is yours. 

TAKE IT, KEEP IT, LIVE IN IT. It is yours my brother.


God bless you my brothers in Christ Jesus. Walk in faith each and every day until his soon appearing.

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We love you my brothers!

John Hipp
HVM - C9819